C64 Database is a versatile site that deals with various topics such as blogging practices, desktop and laptop computers, operating systems, SEO, device security, and so much more! This site is a joint effort from those who specialize in all of different areas of computing. They are all important in their own right. You will also learn emerging technologies, reviews and more. This is just a general technology blog, we post about the things that interest us the most and that we think could be the most useful for everyone else.


Having a good looking and consistent blog is important, it can do a lot to create discussion and get your name out there more on the internet. Any time you write your own original content and plan to put it out anywhere, you need to ensure the first place you post it is to your blog. You want to tie it in to your blog site as soon as you can, you want the internet to know that this great piece of original content truly is yours! If you’re fortunate enough to have customers that check on your blogs regularly, you need to be facilitating discussion between and with them! We can give you all of the advice you need to either get your blog going from the group up, or get it started back up again. As long as you’re careful with what you write and put out content that people want to read and talk about, you should foster plenty of discussion and increased traffic! Check out our blog content on blogging!

Desktop Computers

We like to share information/have discussions about desktop computers from time to time. We are well aware that a lot of those with personal desktop computers care for them very much, a lot of people spend the time and money to make their own computers. Desktops are definitely superior to laptops in many aspects. A lot of people with these computers actually use them as their gaming devices. We’re well aware of the PC vs console debate, and we side with the PC always.


Laptops come in all kinds of different shapes and sizes, luckily they all basically function the same. We try to offer tips and advice on how to better your laptop and extend its lifespan. A lot of us do most of our work on laptops just for the sheer ease and portability of them, so it would be horrible if something were to happen to them. We also don’t discriminate at all when it comes to brand names. Sure some people prefer Apple over a Windows laptop, and that’s totally cool, we want people to be different!

Operating Systems

Just because the Apple vs Windows debate is so fierce these days, doesn’t mean we’re afraid at all of discussing both. We know that they both have their place and are equally important in the grand scheme of things, so we want to make sure you’re using both of them to the best of yours and their own abilities. Operating systems these days are generally quite self-explanatory, but they can definitely have some weird quirks to them, thats the kind of stuff we try to go over.

Search Engine Optimization

We think that good SEO is so important for literally any site out there (unless you don’t want to be found). We put a lot of work into our own SEO, and hope that we have the skill and experience to share some good stuff with all of you! SEO can get extremely complex at the drop of a hat, it’s not at all a bad thing to have someone looking out for you and holding your hand along the way.

Computer Security

Overall, this has got to be the most important subject that we cover here on our site. The security of your computer is the basis of everything. If someone can get into your computer, they can likely also access your website or blog and do horrible things and ruin that permanently. Though defenses have improved to be much stronger these days than in the past, attackers have gotten a lot smarter and have many more tools under their belts. The one biggest tip i can give you is just be smart, and don’t use the same passwords between sites. This isn’t to say that all “hackers” are bad though! Some of them go in and try to find vulnerabilities so that they can work to fix them. That’s the main reason security is as the level it is these days!