Building Your Own User Friendly Website – Basic Tricks and Hints

The idea of putting together a user friendly website is a many faceted one and it is highly important that newbies realize that ahead of time. If you want to get fancy and employ methods like the Taguchi Multivariate testing, etc you can. The better method is to start with something small and simple and then work up to those things. This is how you find out which knowledge you need so that you can go get it. When you do this, you should start at the very beginning and start making small changes.

Fonts that are hard to read generally don’t get read for very long, so this means you have some control over this. Safe fonts are those like Verdana and Ariel sans serifs, and actually this is a good area for you to research and gain some knowledge. Avoid the temptation to look artistic with half a dozen fonts that are all different and so on. The thing about lots of fonts is it can clash, and people may not immediately know why your site annoys them. If you use a blog, then the fonts will be generally by default, although you can find plugins that give you more variety.

There is more than one reason to have a Contact link that is easily visible. There are lots of reasons with two being for Google when they crawl your site, and you may want to be listed somewhere else. The better places will manually review your site and they’ll look for a Contact page, and don’t forget you’ll also want to have certain information on your Contact page such as a form. If you really want to go all out, then place extra information such as your address and even contact number.

An official privacy policy is something that people come to expect to see, and it’s good to have them from a legal standpoint. You can also find products on the net that give you customized policy statement pages, so check them out because they’re pretty good. Once in a while people will place these links in the side bar at the bottom, but that’s up to you. The most important thing for any webmaster is to make use of admin pages as it is more professional.

You can easily make your blog stickier when people don’t have a compelling reason to leave. And that’s what this is all about, and you’ll also show the search engines that your site is worth something. Once you do things like this, then it becomes a change of habit and more of what you do will scream quality.

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